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TOMORROW Campaign informational meetings are scheduled for the following days.  Church members need to attend one of the following meetings and registration is required for all meetings.

Sunday, November 5th at 4:00 p.m. in Sanctuary (click here for schedule of events & registration)
Monday, November 6th 9:30 a.m. in Todd Hall RSVP to 512.392.6001
Monday, November 6th 5:30 p.m. in Todd Hall RSVP to 512.392.6001
Tuesday, November 7th 9:30 a.m. in Todd Hall RSVP to 512.392.6001   




22 Oct.:  Gratitude Sunday

29 Oct.:  Faith Sunday

5 Nov.:  Ministry Sunday

6-7 Nov.: Advanced Commitment Gatherings

12 Nov:  Celebration Event

18 Nov.: Prayer Event

19 Nov:  Commitment Sunday

10 Dec.: Announcement Sunday

17 Dec:  First Fruit Offering Sunday




First United Methodist Church of San Marcos is one family, united in the joy of Christ.  For 170 years and many generations God has led us to thrive in this moment as one unified body. 


Now is our chance to overcome obstacles that have restricted our growth and ministry to contemplate our Lord’s vision for our future.  Now is the time to examine our faith and commitment to ensuring God’s will is fulfilled through our devotion and sacrifice. 


Because so much was given to us by God directly and through previous generations, we give in return.  Today we enjoy a campus for worship and fellowship that was gifted to us by previous generations.  Now, we return that gift to God and future FUMC San Marcos congregations. 


Now is the time to Rejoice for the opportunity to provide infrastructure that will expand and continue our ministries.  We rejoice for our chance to show that GOD IS GOOD!


We are literally opening the path to HIS door.  


Luke 12:48, Much is required from the person to whom much is given…

Hebrews 11.1, To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.



Last June our congregation voted to buy the property across Hutchison street from our sanctuary.  This purchase includes the Frost Bank parking lot we use every Sunday, plus the property where the Frost motor bank is now located.

Though we know that land downtown is expensive, if our church can not make this purchase happen our tomorrows are uncertain.  Someone will buy this land; OUR chance to do so is now!

This cannot occur without the unified support and sacrifice of all our church family; therefore, we have begun a capital campaign to raise funds for this purchase.  This brochure provides highlights and important dates of our capital campaign:  the TOMORROW campaign!

The property cost is $3.2 million, and there will be additional renovation costs.  In order for debt service to not cripple our other ministries, we have determined that pledges of at least $1.7 million dollars are needed before we can close on December 20th.

Obviously, parking is a critical use for the property, but other possibilities are opened as well:  income generation, future facilities, new downtown ministries… What is your vision for how God might further His mission through this property?  And what talents and gifts has the Lord given you that can make these dreams reality?

Along with the capital campaign, we will also be asking for your commitment to our church’s budget, because we need to continue those ministries – God’s work never stops!  The Lord’s grace is boundless; His promises are endless!

Over the coming weeks, more materials will be provided for the TOMORROW campaign.   In your prayers, please remember our church family, our ministries, and God’s call on our lives – this effort can not be successful without your prayers and your participation.



Q:   What amount is due in December 2017, and why that amount?

A:  Texas Methodist Foundation offers a 100% financing option, including all closing costs and other fees.  We have applied for a loan for $3.6 million, to include such costs as well as the costs of renovating the parking lot.


Q: What is the length of the loan and interest rate? 

A:  Initially, the loan will be 3-year, interest-only, with interest fixed to the prime rate, currently at 5%.  The loan is a 20-year note, also fixed to the prime rate.


Q:    Why are we asked for a three-year pledge?

A:  Most capital campaigns have a three- four- or five- year period, allowing the total gift to be spread over several years.  This allows people to take charitable gift tax deductions over that time; it also makes possible a larger gift, spread over a longer time.  We chose a three-year campaign because the loan is interest-only for three years; our hope is that much if not all of the principal can be paid off by the end of the interest-only period.

Q:      Will our pledges be confidential? 

A:  The only persons who will even know that you have made a pledge will be our Business Manager,  Sr. Pastor and the Connections Team leader.  Individuals who make Lead Gift commitments may choose to allow those commitments to be publicized, but their permission will be given before that information is shared.  As with all gifts to our church family, financial information is strictly confidential.


Q:  Can I make a one-time gift? 

A:  Yes.  You need not make a three-year commitment.  Gifts of stock, real estate, property, or other items of value may also be given to support the TOMORROW campaign.


Q:   What is the role and time commitment from the consultant? 

A:  Tom Melzoni will be helping us for three years, through December, 2020.  His role is to lead our campaign, coaching our pastors and team leaders on the most effective methods to ensure its success.  Tom has been here working with us August 16th-18th, September 20th-22nd, and October 3rd-4th (another planned trip was cancelled because of Hurricane Irma).  He will be here on the following dates:  October 15th-16th, November 5th-7th.  Other visits may be scheduled as needed.  He will also be helping us develop our general stewardship work to support our many ministries.


Q: When can we renovate the lot? 

A:  The closing date on the contract is December 20th; we may be able to close before that date.  We are working now with the appropriate city offices, contractors, and engineers to ensure that once we close on the property, renovation can begin.  We will also begin developing plans for the motor bank property.  The purchase contract gives Frost Bank use of that facility for up to 18 months after we close on the purchase, or the completion of their renovations to the bank building, whichever comes first.  Once they have completed the relocation of the motor bank, we plan to have a clear idea for that part of the property.


Contact the church office for more information on the campaign or to speak with a campaign team leader.

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