Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship
Glorifying God through worship is one of the essential elements of a Christian life. First United Methodist offers a variety of worship experiences to help you best give glory to God’s presence in your life.  

United in Worship
‚ÄčWhile offering diverse ways to worship, every service at First UMC centers on proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, Biblical scripture is read in every service, Prayers and singing, and a time to greet each other in hospitality,love and reconciliation. On the first Sunday of each month, the sermon is followed by Holy Communion where EVERYONE is invited to the table.

Traditional Worship
8:15am & 11am | Sanctuary
Two similar worship services held in the sanctuary, including  hymns and songs, prayers, creeds, reflection and a sermon by Jarrell during Lent, that connects scripture to our lives today.  The 8:15am service includes Holy Communion every week. The 11:00am service includes Children's Time and special music by the Chancel Choir.

Contemporary Worship
10:45am | Fellowship Hall
We welcome you to come enjoy a cup of coffee, sing modern worship songs, and pray with us. This worship features a casual come-as- you-are vibe and makes our faith relevant to our modern lives. Enter through the courtyard of First UMC or via the street behind the little HEB.  INVITE A FRIEND!