Adopt-a-Bobcat College Student

Adopt-a-Bobcat College Program

The Adopt-a-Bobcat college ministry connects Texas State students with local families who provide friendship and encouragement. The program provides students a ‘home away from home’ in San Marcos and sense of belonging to First UMC during one of the most exciting (but yet challenging times) in student's lives. What better way to minister to some students than while God helps you shape their lives!


If you are a college student

If you would like to be adopted by one of our church families, please visit this link to register.
You will be matched with a  family who can provide you a “home away from home,” a family who will love you, who can periodically invite you over to their homes for meals and/or to play with their children, who will take you out to lunch after church, who can offer a quiet place to hang out away from noisy roommates, who can help you find things in San Marcos, etc.  You can also invite friends to join you and be adopted together! We hope you will consider signing up!

If you are a church family

If your family would like to adopt a college student, please visit this link to register.
We are looking to recruit families and couples who like being around college-age students. We ask you to pray for your student and to connect with them once-a-month. The benefit you receive is that you will positively influence these young lives and create friendships that will last far beyond the college years. We hope you will consider signing up!

If you have any questions about the Adopt-a-Bobcat program, please contact Rev. Russell Bowlin at 

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